Levels of servicing

As motorcycles become increasingly high-performance, it's more important than ever to ensure that they're properly serviced. Regular maintenance not only helps to ensure reliability and longevity, but also optimizes fuel efficiency.

At our workshop, we have a team of experienced mechanics who share a passion for motorcycles and understand the importance of keeping them in top condition.

We also offer Warranty-Safe servicing using strictly genuine parts and Stamp service books. All servicing is carried out to the highest standards. Your warranty is safe with us!

£60 Per Hour Labour Including VAT. We always seek your authority before pressing on with any additional work – there are no hidden costs with us, just good honest service that will see you come back to us again and again…

Basic Service - 2 Hours

As titled this is basic service offered by most bike shops. As you can see from the hours spent on your machine this is not an in-depth service and is regarded as a Safety Check Service.

✔ Engine Oil & Filter Change
✔ Chain Clean/adjustment/lubrication
✔ Tyres and Pressures Checked
✔ Brakes Calipers Checked
✔ Bearings/Bushes/Linkages Checked
✔ Levers & Pivots Lubricated
✔ Electrics Tested
✔ Diagnostic Plugged in if Required
✔ Main Bolts Torque Checked
✔ A thorough MOT style inspection

Any other problems noticed during will be brought to your attention.

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Standard Service - 5 hours

This is a more in depth service which will have a more noticable performance improvement of your machine.

✔ Everything from the basic service plus!

✔ Air filter Clean/Change
✔ Sparkplugs Clean/Change
✔ Coolant check/change
✔ Brake & Clutch fluid test/change
✔ Brake Calipers Stripped & Cleaned.
✔ Throttle & clutch adjustment
✔ Finished of with a Clean & Detailing

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Major Service - 8 hours

The major service can be time consuming. Many motorcycle shops miss out this vital service, at the cost of the motorcycle's long term condition and performance. At Big Jims we want you to be reassured that your bike is running at its most efficient level, giving you the best performance and reliability it can.

✔ Everything from the standard service Plus!

✔ Valve Clearences Checked/Adjusted
✔ Fuel Filter Replacement
✔ Throttle Vacuum syncronisation

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